the decade from 1860 to 1869
Hypernyms: ↑decade, ↑decennary, ↑decennium

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  • 1860s — Events and trendsTechnology* The First Transcontinental Railroad in the USA was completed in 1869. * The Suez Canal in Egypt is opened in 1869.cience* Alfred Nobel creates dynamite in Germany * James Clerk Maxwell publishes his equations that… …   Wikipedia

  • 1860s in fashion — 1860s fashion in European and European influenced clothing is characterized by extremely full skirted women s fashions relying on crinolines and hoops and the emergence of alternative fashions under the influence of the Artistic Dress movement.… …   Wikipedia

  • 1860s in association football — The following are the association football related events of the decade 1860s around the world.Events*1860 mdash; Lausanne Football and Cricket Club is founded, the oldest club in continental Europe to later play Association football. Other clubs …   Wikipedia

  • 1860s in sociology — The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1860s.1861Events *Sir Henry James Sumner Maine s Ancient Law is published1862Events *Lewis Morgan s The Indian Journals is published. *Herbert Spencer s First Principles is… …   Wikipedia

  • 1860s in the United States — Events and Trends For more trends, see 19th century in the United States * 1861 1865: The ruinous American Civil War, illustrating severe sectional tensions, kills two percent of the population. Leaders …   Wikipedia

  • 1860s in Wales — This article is about the particular significance of the decade 1860 1869 to Wales and its people. Incumbents*Prince of Wales Edward Albert, son of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom *Princess of Wales Alexandra of Denmark (from… …   Wikipedia

  • Jacques Offenbach — Offenbach in the 1860s Jacques Offenbach (20 June 1819 – 5 October 1880) was a Prussian born French composer, cellist and impresario. He is remembered for his nearly 100 operettas of the 1850s–1870s and his uncompleted opera The Tales of Hoffmann …   Wikipedia

  • ZIONISM — This article is arranged according to the following outline: the word and its meaning forerunners ḤIBBAT ZION ROOTS OF ḤIBBAT ZION background to the emergence of the movement the beginnings of the movement PINSKER S AUTOEMANCIPATION settlement… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Ironclad warship — An ironclad was a steam propelled warship of the later 19th century, protected by iron or steel armor plates. [Hill, Richard. War at Sea in the Ironclad Age ISBN 0 304 35273 X; p.17] The ironclad was developed as a result of the vulnerability of… …   Wikipedia

  • Department of the Platte — The Department of the Platte as it existed beginning June 22, 1875. Active 1866–1898 Country United States …   Wikipedia

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